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Museum Director

Lana Gabor has been director, president and CEO of MOCAA since taking over in 2011. Prior to her tenure at MOCAA, Gabor spent over seven years as an ethnographer in the field, researching the Chinarian plains. An expert and chief advisor in the subject of abandoned civilizations, Gabor completed her thesis at ECU entitled: "The Wandering Chinarians - the Loss and Abandonment of Tongwancheng". Gabor also travels world-wide to provide lectures and workshops on the rich history of Chinarian dance.

The MOCAA. A place dedicated to preserving the purity of the unique Chinarian culture. A location for provocative research and vibrant, Chinarian exhibits. A hybrid home of academic exploration and cultural journeys. A space for you.

The MOCAA is world-renowned for its vast collection of artifacts from the little known Chinarians. It is also acclaimed for its leading team of Chinarian experts.



Years of studying the Chinarian culture makes Mustgan Rausour a leading expert in the field. With a keen interest in the mating rituals and spiritual practices of Chinarians, he also devotes much of his practice to analyzing morals and gender roles within this unique society. His upcoming publication  " Blowing in the Wind  - Cloth, Modesty, and the Chinarian Dress" is slated to be finished in 2013.



Noted historian, author, consultant and lecturer, Noel Tanaka joined the MOCAA team in 2010. Noel has earned a PHD, magna cum laude from Stanford University. He has travelled extensively throughout the world lecturing on the history and cultures of the Chinarian Peoples. 


Visitor Experience

Stephie Hum has been welcoming visitors to the MOCAA for over four years. Stephie see's museums as places that effect global change by inviting us to form new awareness of the world and the people around us. In her personal time she enjoys travelling to desert-lands and spending time with her husband and two dogs.

Giftshop Manager

Sue Harley meets, greets and assists public in selecting Chinarian gifts and other merchandise from the giftshop. Contact Sue personally if you are looking for gift ideas or that perfectly flavoured Chinarian souvenir.



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